No petrol? Ever?

The Nissan LEAF is 100% electric!
NO PETROL EVER AGAIN and ZERO CO2 tailpipe EMISSIONS, because it has one of the most advanced lithium-ion batteries ever developed.
The LEAF is such great fun to drive, it will change the way you think about and drive cars for many years to come. Come in and experience it for yourself!

I live outside the Dunedin city area, could I still get an electric car?

The short answer is "Yes!" Our customers come from all over Otago. Get in touch with us today to find out which model LEAF or other Electric Vehicle would best suit your lifestyle and budget.

I need an English dash for my Electric Vehicle - can you help?

Yes. We can update your Electric Vehicle's dash to English language.

What does LEAF stand for?

Environmentally friendly
Family vehicle

A compact five door hatchback with all the features you'd expect from a modern family car (air-conditioning, ABS brakes, etc), but......with incredible advantages over traditional fossil-fueled cars

QUIET - you have to try it to believe it
Smooth - excellent acceleration and torque
Zero petrol - not even a drop!
Convenient charging at home - or in the Dunedin CBD
Combine with solar panels - charge your car for free!
Low maintenance - no oil, coolant, air-filters, belts, or antifreeze
Zero emissions - powered by renewable energy

Over 450,000 LEAFs have been sold globally. It is the world's most popular electric car, winning international awards annually.

"Nissan LEAF drivers love the benefits of driving electric — zero spending on gas, quick acceleration and the feeling of driving an environmentally friendly vehicle."

Can I charge my Electric Vehicle with solar energy?

Yes! Talk to the team at Warm and Cool for more info about charging your Electric Vehicle using the sun's energy.

How fast do Electric Vehicles go?

Fast enough! The torque is impressive, putting many petrol engines to shame.

Who will service my new Electric car

I can service your car and help with any advice or support.

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